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A Little Death is Needed for Life

A Little Death is Needed for Life

Documenting A Little Death is Needed for Life


Synopsis A Little Death is Needed for Life

A father trying to overcome cancer and to return to life, is confronted with his son whose drug addiction is destroying his life. 

Director Statement

I grew up in the southern neighborhoods of Tehran. As drugs were easily available, many of my peers were caught in the trap of addiction. Having witnessed their deterioration and that of their families, and sometimes even their death, I have always felt the urge to make a film about drug addiction.
A while ago, Mohsen Ostad Ali, one of my filmmaker friends, suggested that we make a film on cancer in the northern provinces of Iran. I had just lost a family member to cancer, so I embraced the idea.
During the research period, I got to know the Mokhtaris, a family living in the north. On the one hand, I saw a father fighting cancer and trying to return to life, and on the other hand, there was his addicted son, whose every move and action was aimed at destroying life.
This was what threw me back to my old calling. I did everything to convince the Mokhtaris to allow me to make a film about their life.